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Cheryl Del Toro

Cheryl Del Toro

Fountain Valley, CA


From an early age I wanted to draw and paint. Born in Los Angeles, I attended Los Angeles and Orange County colleges, taking classes in drawing, painting, design and art history along with private instruction. In recent years I have explored the world of photography and computer enhancements.

After working for over 20 years in aerospace, I started focusing on art. Having a love for travel and history took me to places I thought I would never see. These adventures influenced my painting and later, photography.

Traveling to Europe (1989-2004) I visited France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria. A cruise through the Mediterranean in 2012 included Italy, Greece and Turkey.

I found festivity and charm in Mexico, Hawaii, Jamaica & Puerto Rico. Architecture and points of interest were explored in the large cities of New York, Boston, Chicago, Austin, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. I enjoyed the vast scenery of Colorado and Alaska.

I visited Hollywoods wild and crazy side several times, once on an open air bus tour, which provided unusual perspectives to my photos. Santa Anas historical Wilshire Square had charming little houses with colorful gardens. The Victorian mansions in Williamsport, Pennsylvania took me back in time. Golden hour and sunset on a cruise of the Port of Long Beach had silhouettes of harbor cranes, bridges and cargo ships. I've enjoyed photographing time period studies at Renaissance Faires, Venetian Carnevales and U.S. Civil War reenactments.

From 2004-2013 I was a facilitator in the Memories in the Making art program for Alzheimers patients. Using watercolor, I assisted ladies with this disease to express their feelings and emotions that were trapped inside.

I currently serve as Windows Gallery Chairperson on the Huntington Beach Art League board and am a member of the Photo Society of Orange County.

My past exhibits include: The Showcase Gallery, Costa Mesa; The Huntington Beach Art Center; The Village Edwards Theater, Costa Mesa; Bristol Restaurant, Santa Ana; Peros Restaurant, Huntington Beach; Santa Anas Wilshire Square Neighborhood Secret Gardens Tea and Art Show; Orange County Fair; Borders Bookstore; and The Huntington Beach Central Library Windows Gallery and Corner Gallery; Huntington Beach City Hall; RIBBA Art Exhibits at Coastline Art Gallery, Newport Beach; All Media Exhibits at Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine; Laguna Beach City Hall; Chaos Exhibit OCCCA, Santa Ana; Smile: Expressions of Orange County at Irvines Great Park Gallery; Bowers Museum Aging as Art Council on Aging Exhibit, Santa Ana.


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